A downloadable game for Windows

Leap, blast and bob your way through over a hundred levels of cute platforming action in BUBBLES THE CAT!

  • 125 levels set across six different worlds - from coastal caves and brass factories to neon cities and magic castles!
  • Multiple objectives in each level provide extra replay value and rewards for smooth, speedy runs.
  • Tight, responsive single-button controls that support joypad, keyboard or mouse!
  • Collect bubble powerups that mix up the gameplay and turn Bubbles into a destructive wrecking ball, a ghostly spirit or even a dimension hopper!
  • Customise Bubbles the Cat with dozens of hats, different colours and even trails - all without any microtransaction shenanigans!
  • Boost features allow players to freely modify the game's difficulty so you can play how you want!
  • Bonus secret levels that will challenge even the most hardcore of platform gamers.
  • Unlockable game modes and secrets!
  • An absolutely bangin' electronic, jazz-inspired soundtrack, bubbling with busy beats and meowtastic melodies.

If you like cats, hats and platforming, you're going to like this game.


BubblesTheCat.zip 107 MB
Bubbles the Cat Original Soundtrack.zip 59 MB

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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from itch.io to avoid that.

Bubbles the baby!

I Loved and hated this game. I Can't really put into words how infuriatingly fun it is! If you haven't already I would suggest playing it for sure ^^

Can you guys add an android download to your itch.io page? I've purchased the game,love it. But I can't download it from Google play. 🐱


Hey there,

Firstly, thank you so much for supporting the game!

Whilst an APK download outside of Google Play isn't available at this time, if you use the Contact form on the Team Cats & Bears website, I'd be happy to provide you with a promo code you can redeem on the Play Store.

Thanks again!

Team Cats & Bears


It's neat to see another game in the same genre as Wunderling! Not as much polish, but the different powerups were a good idea that added a lot of variety and new things to pay attention to. I did think the final level was way too long, though, past the point of what I was willing to play through again each time I missed a single fish if I was aiming for perfection in that level like every other. And the parallax speeds in the castle didn't seem to make sense. But mostly this was a rewarding and fairly unique experience.


this game is adorable, well worth the price if youre into platforming games with added gimmicks and challenges!!!

Hey, how do I delete my save data?

Hi Eliotedarth,

Your save data should be found on the same drive you installed Windows on to under:


The save file should be called 'SaveJ.cat'. You can also rename it if you wish to back it up prior to deletion.

Hope this helps!


Team Cats & Bears




Very fun and cute game, lovely soundtrack. My kitten is a big fan of this game! I always play this game when he's around. 


Super cute and super fun!


Great game. It took a bit to get used to, but I like the fact that Bubbles runs on his own. Makes it stand out from other games in the genre. I feel it helps to slightly increase the difficulty as well since that's not how you're used to playing a platformer. Art is great and music is catchy. Thumbs up!